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I come from a family of artists and learnt from a young age how to capture reality and imagery from the imagination in a variety of art forms. Computer based art was at first simply another artistic avenue to explore, but I was drawn to the precision allowed by computers and also the compelling fractal imagery that emerged in the early 1990’s.

A large proportion of my earlier work was unconscious exploration of the medium and the techniques used to create various styles of digital art. I began to seriously pursue digital art as an artistic medium when I developed my own style by replicating images from my imagination on the computer screen.

I draw inspiration from nature, science, art, music, technology, geometry, patterns architecture and philosophy. Primitive and world art, renaissance art, early Australian art, surrealism and op-art are some of my primary ‘artistic’ influences.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Beau Deeley

    I am Lili from Chile (South America) I am writing to you today because a couple of years ago I use as an inspiration your beautiful image called “Omnia Est Intra” to create a painting that I called “Testigo de la belleza” (Thank you for create this beautiful image that has inspired all my senses).
    The thing is that I started to sell some printings of my art pieces, and I will love to sell the one that you inspired… But the model that I used is yours… So even though the image and the media is different I wanted to ask you for permission, because is the right thing. Please tell me if that is ok with you or if is not.

    Sorry if my english is not very good looking.
    Big hug and thank you!

    PS: I send you some pictures of the painting so you can check it.


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