Worlds Within Worlds: Tanawha

Offering a unique take on pure cinema, Worlds Within Worlds: Tanawha is an audio-visual exploration of space, time, dimensionality, geometry, consciousness, and biodiversity. The film evokes the look and feel of Tanawha in Queensland Australia through mind bending natural, futuristic and 3d fractal computer generated imagery. The movie features an epic audio soundscape woven from organic and synthesised music and soundscapes by Beau Deeley as well songs from Go Murri Umbi a local indigenous dance troupe.

[youtube_sc url= width=530 rel=0 fs=1]

One thought on “Worlds Within Worlds: Tanawha”

  1. Really amazing work… This is the next level of visual entertainment.

    Wish you the best with your projects and future visions.

    Great !

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